Pure Awareness

Pure Awareness
Meditation destination,
plugged into the collective mind,
morphic field of any expert,
here, the answers,
you will find
the so-called 'real world' 
is just a delusion,
discover the real you,
not the illusion,
pure awareness 
is the place to be,
the real you emerges, 
your ego persona 
is left behind,
then your higher self 
can run your mind.

Pure Awareness (Original Watercolour)

Original Watercolour on a Cold Pressed Extra Heavy Crescent Watercolour board 15 x 20” includes poem printed on coloured card to compliment your painting and certificate of authenticity. Painting is signed on the back. Freepost to UK addresses. There will be a charge for International delivery, please message me before purchase via the contact form on this website stating what you wish to buy, and your full address, and I will let you know how much the delivery charge will be.


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