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Which came first? The Poem or the Painting? Sometimes its one way , sometimes its the other. The Poem “Hollow World” on page 36 came first and I then painted the “Hollow World” Original Watercolour. Sometimes the Painting comes first and I write a Poem to describe it.

My aim was to create a book that people will read time and time again or keep dipping into for escapism, inspiration or just to have a laugh!

I hope it will appeal to anyone with a pulse, from teenagers daydreaming about their favourite famous person to men looking for a romantic gift for their girlfriend/wife or anyone who’s ever experienced the emotion of love.

My poems have been created by a mixture of observation, inspiration and imagination as well as life experience, my feelings and beliefs.

I’ll briefly describe what you can expect from each chapter here:

In chapter 1 – Dreams of Love – Anyone who’s ever daydreamed about an acquaintance, a work colleague, a famous person or a platonic friend (that you want to be more) knows the feeling of unrequited love: making up scenarios in your mind of how to make him notice you, we’ve all been there!

Chapter Two – New Love – Full of confusion, excitement and passion, you wonder if anyone else in the whole wide world has ever felt as good as you feel right now!

Chapter Three – Love Gone Wrong – Poems about broken hearts, hopes and false hopes!

Chapter Four – A Fan’s Feelings – Describes how we feel about our favourite famous person, the poems in this chapter are written about my heart-throb, Rafael Nadal, although some of them don’t mention his name and could easily be applied to your heart-throb.

Chapter Five – Love Triangles – Poems written from all perspectives of the love triangle, inspired by the song “Saving All My Love for You” by Whitney Housten.

Chapter Six – Autobiographical – Contains poems about my life, some of which I hope will inspire others.

Chapter Seven – Family and friends – Contains poems and tributes to and about my family and friends, I think you will relate to many of them.

Chapter Eight – Encore! An extra chapter containing more poems about ‘A fan’s Feelings’ and one poem about ‘New Love.’

The Poetry of Passion (for People with a Pulse)

Love is something we can call relate to: ‘People with a pulse,’ I’m talking to you! It’s written in language we all use right now, my poems are so not ‘high brow,’ Freepost to UK addresses. International please contact me with your full address staing what you wish to buy and I wll let you know the delivery charge. they’re sexy and romantic – I thought I’d just mention, LOL – I knew that’d get your attention! Some are sensual, passionate and hot, you’ll think ‘what an imagination she’s got!’ I hope you’ll laugh at the ones that are funny: it’ll be good for the muscles in your tummy! Some are serious about the world today, they contain a message I hope to convey; there’s passion in everything I’ve written for you, if you’re on my wavelength you’ll feel it too!



Passion. betrayal, love and romance,
This book covers a huge expanse,
dreaming of love,
love going wrong,
in a love triangle where one doesn’t belong,
friends and enemies,
emotions of life,
obsession, rejection,
strong feelings are rife;
hero worship, nonsense or not,
if you love what you see,
these books, you’ll have got!
If you identify,
you’re gonna, wanna buy!

The Poetry of Passion Part Two ( for People like You)

I continue where the 1st book left off but I can be read all by myself; I hope if you liked it you'll want to buy both - don't leave me on the shelf! Inside me you'll find lots of passion; strong feelings, heart & soul, I'm a book you'll identify with; that was my writers goal. Emotions are what makes you human and love makes the world go round: beneath my cover are feelings so strong they really are profound. Poems about life and it's challenges, poems about love and romance and poems that you'll empathise with; I cover a huge expanse. I hope you've enjoyed your time with me; enough to take me home with you - if you did please tell your friends as they might like me too! Freepost to UK addresses. There will be a charge for International Delivery, Please use contact form on this website stating what you want to buy and your full address, I will then find out the delivery charge for you.


Chapter 1 is 'Magnifico Matches,'
they're something this book doesn't lack,
read and relive each moment again,
the memories will come flooding back.
Chapter 2 is 'Less Losses Luckily,'
but Rafa fights till the bitter end,
I admire his attitude so very much,
and hope next time he'll get his revenge!
Chapter 3 is 'Injury Time 0ut'
and how we miss him when he's away,
we all send good vibes to help him to heal,
and hope he'll soon be back to play.
Chapter 4 is 'The Comeback' 
there's been more than one of those,
Rafa works so hard to get back to his best,
my love and admiration grows.
Chapter 5 is 'Rafa and His Rivals,'
and memories of matches they've played,
they bring out such passion
in all Rafa's fans,
no wonder our nerves are all frayed!
Chapter 6 is 'The Rafa Effect'
modeling in underwear,
for that we had waited,
this chapter's about his sex appeal,
and why our daydreams are all X-rated!
Chapter 7 is 'Essence of Rafael 
about his character and personality too,
we know a good Soul when we see one,
he's an earth angel all the way through.
chapter 8 is 'A Fan's Feelings'
how we all feel about this amazing man,
I fell for him in 2008,
and I'll always be a fan.

From the Back Cover
A History of some memorable matches
and the jobs that he's done on the side,
this book is his biggest fan's feeling
it overflows with love and pride.
If you're a fan of Rafael Nadal
you'll identify with how I feel,
this man's so talented and exciting,
no wonder he has such appeal!
This book contains everything about him,
like it's been bottled and put inside,
a walk right into 'Rafaland'
is what this book provides!

Rafa in Rhyme

This book is a must for Rafael Nadal fans. Freepost to UK addresses there will be a charge for International delivery please contact me stating what you wish to buy and your full address via the contact form on this website and I will find out the delivery charge for you.


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