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Rainbow – Falling Water with 7 Colours from the Sky (15 x 20 inch watercolour board)

They didn’t know what is was,
it’s coloured and it stretches  so high;
who named it a rainbow?
Those colours in the sky.
Who named anything?
We’re still inventing words now;
or changing their meaning!
A human is a creator
from the North Pole to the Equator!
Juliette Westbrook-Finch

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Quantum Shift

Quantum Shift (17 x 21 inch Framed Original with Purple Mount)

Its both a wave and a particle 
until its observed,
If you don't like you reality 
do a quantum swerve!
To improve what you've got,
find  a better feeling thought
to improve your lot.
notice what you notice,
expand  what  you see;
focus  on what you want
to change your reality.

Juliette Westbrook-Finch

Quantum Shift 17 x 21 inch Framed Watercolour Original

Original Watercolour in a black frame 17 x 21” with a choice of mount colours (please message me on Paypal's "message to seller" section when you purchase stating your choice of mount colour, if only one colour is shown this is the most suitable to compliment this painting, includes poem printed on coloured card and certificate of authenticity. Painting is signed on the back. Freepost to UK addresses. There will be a charge for International delivery, please message me before purchase via the contact form on this website stating what you wish to buy, mount colour if applicable and your full address, and I will let you know how much the delivery charge will be.


Waves, Particles, Parallel Universes & People

Choice of Mount Colours; orange or purple. Depending how you look at this painting it could be as my poem describes, or it could be surfers walking along the beach!

Waves, Particles, Parallel Universes and People.
waves = infinite possibilities,
people are made of particles,
quantum science is what it is.
The observer effect changes what you look at,
you create your reality,
to get your wish, just focus on it;
that's the quantum practicality.
Your universe, 
was created by your consciousness -
focus on your wish
and accept no less!

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Reality is a Mind Game (15 x 20 inch Watercolour Board)

Firing and wiring,
byways, all my way,
learning, creating,
multiplying their highway.
A synopsis soup,
A neurotransmitter network,
all going on in the background
while we get on with our work.
Reality is a mind game;
what is matter? Never mind!
What is mind? Doesn't matter!
Subjectivity creates reality,
the way you interpret is what you see!

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