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Fuse the Dichotomies

Fuse the dichotomies,
see past the dualaties,
forget the formalities;
remember One is all there is.
Go within to the stillness,
smooth water just is,
crystal clear is the inner spark:
pure awareness - hark;
get through the mindless chatter;
glimpse on things that matter;
it's all inside -
don't let the real you hide!

Fuse the Dichotomies 20 x 30 Inch on Watercolour Board

Original Watercolour on a 20 x 30 inch Crescent Heavy Cold Pressed watercolour board. Painted using St. Petersburg White Nights watercolour Tubes which are single pigments of the highest quality containing honey and gum arabic. Includes certificate of authenticity and poem printed on coloured card to compliment the artwork.


Into the Abstract (Titanic My Past Life)

Titanic (my past life)
A few hours ago dancing and singing a ditty,
music and laughter all Irish and pretty;
seems far off now as I run for my life,
corridors are flooded, panic is rife.
I was in third class, I’m just not priority,
there’re not enough lifeboats to seat the majority:
there’s shouting and panic as the ship starts to sink;
I’m cold and afraid as it tips in the drink;
the lights all go out, I hang onto life and cry,
I’m only 33, I don’t wanna die;
then I’m plunged into the waters icy depths,
underwater now, I hold my breath,
hanging on for dear life I surface again:
a sea full of people, freezing, in pain;
the lifeboats move away,
they care not for our health,
they’re ok Jack, it’s every man for himself;
eerie and silent, the cold cuts like a knife
as we gradually lose the battle to hold onto our life,
‘will I be remembered,’ as I take my last breath,
and slowly I sink into the waters icy cold depths.

Into the Abstract (Titanic My Past Life)

Original Watercolour in a black box frame 12.25 x 15 x 1” with a choice of mount colours (please message me on Paypal's "message to seller" section when you purchase stating your choice of mount colour, Painting can be hung any of the 4 ways, whichever you prefer; includes poem printed on coloured card and certificate of authenticity. Painting is signed on the back. Freepost to UK addresses. There will be a charge for International delivery, please message me before purchase via the contact form on this website stating what you wish to buy, mount colour if applicable and your full address, and I will let you know how much the delivery charge will be.


New Artworks

The Wisdom of the Tao (15 x 20 inch Watercolour Board
Centre and ascend witin
find the spark of unlimited possibility,
follow The Great Way,
and release your potential and ability.
Alien in a Puff of Smoke (Will be in a 12.25 x 15 x 1 inch frame with choice of Mount colours)
Maybe they're not much different to us,
maybe they're just more advanced,
maybe they Astral Travel in smoke,
while their body stays home in a trance!
In meditation our spirit can be set free,
we can choose unbounded possibility;
our body is just our home
till our spirit wants to roam.


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