18 x 24 inch Original on standard edge canvas (details in abstract section on my website)
A lot to look at,
what do you see?
How do you feel
when you look at me?
Open to more than one interpretation,
not having obvious meaning;
can I fit into your way of life
and evoke some happy feeling?
Pleasing colours, textures and shapes,
would I look good in the lounge
and compliment the drapes?
I might look good in your office
or to help you meditate;
or even in your dining room;
look at me as you clear your plate.
I may be ambiguous,
but put me somewhere conspicuous!
What was in the artist’s head
when she created me?
Now I’ll tell you what she saw;
I wonder if it’s what you see?
A personality has lots of layers,
that’s what I represent,
now you know what I’m all about,
that’s what my creator meant!
Look closely and you will see,
layers beneath my transparency!


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