Fuse the Dichotomies

Fuse the dichotomies,
see past the dualaties,
forget the formalities;
remember One is all there is.
Go within to the stillness,
smooth water just is,
crystal clear is the inner spark:
pure awareness - hark;
get through the mindless chatter;
glimpse on things that matter;
it's all inside -
don't let the real you hide!

Fuse the Dichotomies 20 x 30 Inch on Watercolour Board

Original Watercolour on a 20 x 30 inch Crescent Heavy Cold Pressed watercolour board. Painted using St. Petersburg White Nights watercolour Tubes which are single pigments of the highest quality containing honey and gum arabic. Includes certificate of authenticity and poem printed on coloured card to compliment the artwork.


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