Born in a Barn/Tornedo Alley

Red Mount
Yellow Mount
Purple Mount
Indecisive and I'm in a right quander,
with big and small choices, I sit and I ponder;
they say a woman's prerogative
is to change her mind,
but does it still apply,
time after time?
You think you've made up your mind at last,
but then you change it back so fast,
is this painting better vertical or the other way?
I change my mind every day!
I'm undecided , losing interest,
which way round does this look best?
I started portrait then went landscape,
everyone has a different take!
That's the thing about art,
one persons piece of junk
is anothers prized possession -
A masterpiece is a creative expression!

Details of this and other Abstract Art can be seen here;

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